Medical Director

Doug Dixon – MD

Lifetime Members

Bob Lawrence – HAM, MED/EMT, SW, NMFC
Jamie Wells – GRD, TEC, NMFC
Richard McCracken – Tech Unit Leader, GRD, TEC, HAM, NMFC
Barry Holfelder – NMFC
Carl Gilmore – PARA, WMA Instructor
Del Dubois – SW, NMFC

Full Members

Bob Butterfield – BAS, NMFC
Bob Lawrence – HAM, MED/EMT, SW, NMFC
Brady Coleman – Director, GRD, TEC, DRO
Brendan Murphy – GRD, WS, SW, NMFC
Carl Stewart – BIK Unit Leader, GRD, MED/EMT, BIK, DRO, NMFC
Carla McGinnis – Secretary, BAS, HAM, NMFC
Chelsea Crawford – Treasurer, GRD, WS, DRO
Chris Kodey – Training Officer, WS Unit Leader, TEC, WS, NMFC
Craig Gillio – Assistant Comm Officer, GRD, BAS, WS
Delinda VanneBrightyn – President, K9 Unit Leader, BAS Unit Leader, GRD, K9SS, PIO, NMFC
Emily Johnston – GRD, K9, NMFC
Eric Mack – Media Officer, GRD, TEC, DRO, BIK, WS
Gary Jones – Vice President, GRD, WS, BAS
Jamie Wells – GRD, TEC, NMFC
Gordon Hirsch – GRD
Jim Hoffman – Director, GRD, SW, DRO, NMFC
JJ Jamieson – Comm Officer, GRD, WS
Jon Wallace – GRD, NMFC
Jon Wood – GRD, HAM, NMFC
Karlis Viceps – Drone Unit Leader, GRD, DRO, NMFC, BAS
Kelly Grossetete – SW Unit Leader, GRD, SW, WS, NMFC
Luke Clark – Equipment Director, GRD, WS, NMFC
Laeljon Knowles – GRD, SW, DRO, TEC
LJ Beckman – Resource & Events Director, GRD, DRO, LDP, WS, BAS
Marcia Rose – GRD, BAS, NMFC
Paymaneh Guffari – GRD, WS
Richard McCracken – Tech Unit Leader, GRD, TEC, DRO, LDP, HAM, NMFC
Tamar Stieber – Recruitment Director, GRD, K9, NMFC

Mission-Ready Trainees

David Krusell – GRD, MED, TEC, SW
Jerry Stachura – GRD, WS
Kristine Gillis – GRD, TEC, MED, WS
Paul Erker – GRD, WS
Samantha Brown – GRD, BAS


We currently have 20 Trainees working their way to Full Membership

Auxiliary Members

Barry Holfelder – TPD/Detective, NMFC
Carl Gilmore – PARA, WMA Instructor
Del Dubois – SW, NMFC
Earnest Martinez – OHV
Justin Dean– BLM
Michael McCann – CAP
Ray Corral – USFS
Rob Goldfarb – K9
Scott Martin – EMT
Steve Harris – SW Specialist



NMFC = New Mexico SAR Field Certification
NASAR = National Association of SAR Certification


WAFA = Wilderness Associates First Aid
WFR = Wilderness First Responder
EMT = Emergency Medical Technician
WEMT = Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
MD = Doctor of Medicine
PARA = Paramedic


BAS = Base Unit Member
IC = Incident Commander
PIO = Public Information Officer
SO = Safety Officer
LO = Liaison Officer
OPS – Operations Section Chief
LOG = Logistics Section Chief
PLA = Planning Section Chief
FIN = Finance/Administration Section Chief
HAM = Licensed Ham Radio Operator

BIK = Bike Unit Member

DRO =Drone Unit Member
LDP = Licensed Drone Pilot

GRD – Ground Unit Member

K9 = K9 Unit Member
K9SS = Canine Handler Search Specialist

SW = Swiftwater Unit Member
SWT = Swiftwater Technician

TEC = Technical Unit Member
TECH = Technical Ropes Rescue Specialist

WS = Winter Skills Unit Member
AVI = Avalanche Technician 1

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TSAR has several levels of membership:

  • APPLICANT – one who has applied to the team.
  • TRAINEE – A trainee member is a person whose application has been completed and accepted by vote and signature of the Board of Directors.
  • MISSION READY TRAINEE – A trainee who has completed the training requirements for going on SAR missions.
  • FULL MEMBER – one who has completed all training and passed all requirements of membership in TSAR as outlined by the Membership Certification Guidelines.
  • LIFETIME MEMBER – one who has served in an extraordinary capacity and has been appointed by the team to this honorary membership level.
  • AUXILIARY MEMBER – one who is no longer a full-time, active member, but offers an auxiliary specialty to the team.