Over the years, Taos Search and Rescue has been involved in a number of technical rescues and recoveries. These have included rappelling into the Rio Grande Gorge or off the Gorge Bridge, as well as retrieving stranded climbers from cliffs. The team is well equipped with sufficient ropes, including a 1000 ft rope, and all the standard hardware such as pulleys, carabiners, lowering and rappel devices, etc. All of our equipment is certified for rescue work.

The maximum number of people on the technical team is nine with a varying level of expertise. Most persons on the team are not technical rock climbers. The most experienced member has been training the team since Fall of 2004, has years of personal climbing experience, and has completed the Rigging For Rescue course in Ouray, CO. We generally train several evenings a month and at least one or two weekend days a month. Training times are keyed to member’s personal schedules. The training itself consists in all aspects of medium and high angle rescue work including safety procedures, setting anchors, establishing the mainline and belay setups, litter handling, belaying techniques, and mechanical advantage systems.

Unit Members

Richard McCracken – Unit Leader

Jim Hoffman

Ben Bugge

Chris Kodey

LJ Knowles

Karlis Viceps