Taos Search & Rescue is a comprehensive resource in wilderness medical applications. Under the direction of our Medical Director, we are able to provide emergency wilderness care for individuals injured in the wilderness and to aid in their transport to a primary care medical facility.

Not only do we have team members who are certified as Wilderness Advanced First Aid or Wilderness First Responders, there are also EMT’s and Medical Doctors among our ranks. We train for all types of medical conditions that one might face in a wilderness setting: environmental and altitude exposure, traumatic injuries and medical emergencies.

The medical unit is given the task of keeping up-to-date with all the current medical standards as well as keeping the team’s medical supplies up to date. They facilitate and teach the medical trainings that the team holds throughout the year at the general meetings and field trainings.

It is the goal of the medical unit to make certain that every member of the team is acting in a safe manner to him/herself, the other team members and the patient(s). It is also a goal of the medical unit to try to give every member of the team a base knowledge on treatment/assistance for working an emergency situation.