The use of drones in search and rescue is a new and exciting development. Recently, a New Mexico SAR team used a drone to locate a lost subject. Procedures and policies have very recently been put into place to ensure the legal and safe operation of aerial drones in search and rescue, and TSAR is on the forefront of teams across the state and country in this area.

TSAR owns two top-of-the-line unmanned aerial drones. Drone pilots must have an FAA license, and TSAR operates with special insurance for the purpose.

Drone Unit Members

Karlis Viceps – Unit Leader
Richard McCracken – FAA Certified Drone Pilot
Chris Kodey
Jim Hoffman
Bob Lawrence
Carlie McGinnis
Brady Coleman
Carl Stewart
Jon Wood
Juan Carlos Diaz
Kenton Pass
Kit Keith
Michael McCann
Roy Dunlap
Peter Cordova
Parvati Young
Ryobun McCormick
Brian Williams
Floyd Lopez
Andrew Rubin
Abigail Scott